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Business Development Officer (Meristem Finance Limited)

  •  Posted:  Thu. 30 Jun, 2022
  •  Expires:  04, Jul 2022
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Business Development/Analysis

Job Summary

The firm is seeking an experienced hire to join the lease and credit team. Ideal candidates should have successful experience working in a sales role. The candidate should possess an in-depth knowledge of the financial services sector and the ability to negotiate and close transactions.

Job Description

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Enhance client and industry relationships, generate sales opportunities and tailor superior solutions.
  • Educate the customer by demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the features, benefits and applications of available products and services.
  • Demonstrate macro-level knowledge of credit risk policy and internal credit ratings to determine client’s creditworthiness.
  • Develop and foster mutually beneficial relationships with industry contacts including dealers, brokers, insurers, and suppliers.
  • Establish credibility so as to be viewed as a trusted business advisor within the client organization and industry network.
  • Through direct selling, generate qualified equipment finance and leasing leads, proposing on and eventually closing required amounts of business.
  • Properly and consistently recording customer and prospect data and sales efforts in all company-used databases and management systems.
  • For the equipment financing relationship, act as the primary contact for customers and prospects, effectively communicating the company’s products and capabilities to the customer and the customer’s needs to the company.

Job Experience


  • Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent
  • At least, 5 years of experience in a similar position
  • Professional qualification will be an added advantage.

Skills & Competencies:
▪ Negotiation Ability
▪ Interpersonal
▪ Leadership
▪ Integrity
▪ Team spirit
▪ IT savvy

• Ability to influence others to do what is ethically right.
• Must possess good listening skills
• Must be fair, goal oriented, responsible and skilled
• Must be a good director of affairs both human and material
• Must be able to evaluate others
• Must be charismatic

Proactive decision-maker
• Ability to forecast the market
• Ability to pay attention to details
• Ability to penetrate the market and get the best of prices for goods
• Ability to question assumptions
• Ability to proactively measure performance.

• Must be an energetic person with unusual initiative
• Must be resilient
▪ Sound ethics and integrity.
• Must be discernibly honest and of consistent upright character.

• Must be ethical i.e. must follow the ideals and responsibilities of the banking industry as set out in the code of ethics guiding operations and operators in the

company details

Meristem Securities Limited

We are a capital market conglomerate, that provides a plethora of distinct financial services through a range of products in wealth management, stockbroking, financial advisory, trusteeship, registrars and probate management services. With these offerings we have continued to fulfill our promise of wealth creation, preservation and transfer for all clients.


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